REM Rehab Sleep Recovery Program eBook & Audiobook


Reboot your sleep, feel amazing and light your productivity on fire!


Insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions—such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression—which threaten our nation’s health. Aside from these insufficient sleep is also responsible for motor vehicle and machinery-related crashes, causing substantial injury and disability each year.



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More than one-quarter of the U.S. population report occasionally not getting enough sleep, while nearly 10% experience chronic insomnia. However, new methods for assessing and treating sleep disorders bring hope to the millions suffering from insufficient sleep. Getting sufficient sleep is not a luxury—it is a necessity—and should be thought of as a “vital sign” of good health.

REM Rehab Includes:

You will receive the 57 page, double-column eBook plus the studio-quality complete MP3 Audiobook narrated by Evan Brand.

REM REHAB takes cutting-edge sleep research and boils it down into a practical step-by-step action guide for falling asleep faster, sleeping deeper, and staying asleep longer.

-A step-by-step method for erasing sleep mistakes for an immediate 10-fold improvement in sleep.

-How to sleep more and exercise less for better performance results and enhanced fat loss.

-A complete eating plan that promotes amazing sleep and even better health.

-The top 9 bedroom adjustments to make right now for deeper, more restorative sleep.

-A step-by-step routine for setting up sleep success, starting 2 hours out from bed time.

-How to calm your mind so that you can fall asleep faster.

-Strategic, safe, all-natural supplementation for serious slumber.

-Discover why melatonin supplements are hurting you, not helping you.

-Tricks for erasing the damage from a poor night of sleep.

It’s not just a guide, it’s a complete package.

You get all of this…

The 56 page, double-column REM REHAB guide, formatted for all devices including Kindles, tablets, and computers (instant download).

A professional, studio-recorded audio book so you can conveniently listen on-the-go. Works on all mp3 audio devices including smart phones and tablets.